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Table Rate Shipping (WC) 3.6.4 Update

Version 3.6.4 of Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce is a small update to address a few concerns brought up by users. Updating is recommended but not required as there are no critical fixes or alterations to the structure. The update can be manually downloaded from your CodeCanyon Downloads page, or through automatic updates in your dashboard if you have registered your license.

Perhaps the most useful fix is regarding the Include Coupons option, which stopped functioning correctly after the WooCommerce 2.3 update. Coupons are now calculated before shipping versus after, so the subtotal is set to include them. The plugin was refactored so that this option would still work as intended. So by default, the Subtotal of the cart is the combination of the final price for each line item in the cart. So it will still include sales, but not coupons. Enabling this feature will cause the Subtotal, for this plugin, to include any discounts applied by coupon.

Another useful and popularly requested feature was support for Brazilian postal codes. Customers have the option to include or not include the hyphen within their postal code system. The plugin will account for this by removing the hyphen before comparing the code, so please be sure to enter the postal codes in your settings WITHOUT the hyphen. As hyphens are used to denote a range of postal codes, this would be an apparent conflict.


Example of a range of postal codes within Brazil

Also within the postal code zones, a small change was made to enhance the calculation time and memory usage by opting for a better function. This should eliminate the memory usage error some users were experiencing before with large ranges.

And last but certainly not least, a WPML filter was added in one area which had been missed: the free shipping override. Now users of WPML can use this free shipping option and the minimum subtotal required will be converted to whichever currency the customer is using.

Please note that all of these changes and other features were tested with the beta release candidate for WooCommerce 2.4. No problems could be found, and no updates were made to the shipping features used by this plugin, so there should be no compatibility issues when 2.4 is released later this month.

As always, if you experience any issues with this plugin, related to the update or not, please report them via support ticket.

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