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Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce 4.3

A new minor release for Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce 4.3 is now available for download at or via automatic updates if you are using the Envato Market plugin. As always, it is important to note that while this is a minor update, it does introduce new features and enhancements. While many hours of testing happen before the release, minor missed glitches are inevitable. That is why it is always important to backup your website before upgrading to ensure you have a safe point to return to if necessary.

Upgrading Your Plugin

This update continues our mission to expand upon compatibility with other popular plugins, as well as maintain clean, safe code in the core that meets the most current standards set by WordPress and Envato.

Improved Description Handling

A new description field was added beneath the shipping option’s title field. If you have the same description entered into every row of your table, this feature will be a big help! This new settings field allows users to set a description at the table level versus each individual row. So rather than copy a description to each and every row in your table, you can add it above the table so it always shows under this option.

New Description Field in Table Rate Settings

This primary description field will still follow the same rules as a table containing multiple descriptions. By default, the primary description will be overwritten if the customer’s order qualifies for a row that has a description entered. If you enable the Combine Descriptions option, instead of replacing the primary description with the new row description, it will combine the two.

New ‘Description’ Column on Orders Page

Some users prefer to use the Description feature for their own use rather than the customer’s. In cases like this, it is helpful to have easier access to the description when processing orders. Hidden by default, you can now opt in to having the ‘Description’ column appear. When a customer’s order has a saved description, it will appear here for easy reference.

IMG New Description Column in Orders Page

Removal of the Legacy Method

The legacy Table Rate shipping method refers to the shipping method used before WooCommerce introduced their shipping zones in the core plugin. When WooCommerce 2.6 added shipping zones, a new Table Rate method was born, the same that you use today. The legacy method was deprecated at the same time. This means updates would no longer happen, and all focus would shift to the new method. It is now completely removed from the plugin after being deprecated for nearly 5 years. This was for the best as the code did not reflect current coding standards, and nearly all users had upgraded by this point. It also did not work fully with recent versions of WooCommerce. Removing the unnecessary code creates a safer experience and avoids malicious activity on outdated coding practices.

If you have not already done so, make sure to reconifugre your shipping in the new method located within the shipping zones. If you still have the option ‘Table Rate’ in the sub-menu of the ‘Shipping’ tab, then the legacy method is still active. Please disable this at your earliest convenience, and before upgrading to 4.3.

Additional Changes

In addition to these great changes, there were many updates and fixes, some that you cannot see but will appreciate. Below is a complete list of enhancements:

  • REMOVED: The legacy Table Rate method has been removed in its entirety
  • Added: Compatibility with Measurement Price Calculator plugin by WooCommerce
  • Added: Parent Description field for each table of rates
  • Added: Column to display Shipping Description on Orders page
  • Enhanced: New secondary option for ‘Coupon’ condition checks for free shipping
  • Enhanced: Changed format for data range condition to remove third party dependencies
  • Enhanced: Added additional formatting checks on number fields in table of rates
  • Enhanced: Various code changes to meet CodeCanyon standards and requirements
  • Fixed: Dokan Vendor condition box only loading 10 vendors at a time
  • Fixed: User modification by user role not showing assigned shipping methods
  • Fixed: Shipping description not displaying after checkout
  • Fixed: Shipping methods missing from user management page
  • Fixed: Settings added by third party plugins not displaying properly
  • Fixed: Formatting error tooltips hidden
  • Fixed: Refactored how volume and surface area values are calculated
  • Developer: Added ability to add new columns to the table of rates
  • Developer: Several new filters for adjusting individual calculated values

As always, if you find any issues or concerns with this plugin, please open a support ticket to report the problem. Someone will respond to help shortly.

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