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Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce 4.2

A new minor release for Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce 4.2 is now available for download at or via automatic updates if you are using the Envato Market plugin. As always, it is important to note that while this is a minor update, it does introduce new features and enhancements. While many hours of testing happen before the release, minor missed glitches are inevitable. That is why it is always important to backup your website before upgrading to ensure you have a safe point to return to if necessary.

Upgrading Your Plugin

This update continues our mission to make this plugin more developer friendly and expand upon compatibility with other popular plugins. It aims to do all this while still keeping the settings page as simplistic and user friendly as possible.

Method Conditions

A new section was added to the settings page with this update: Method Conditions. The settings boxes here may look a little familiar as they are the same options found under the Conditions column in your table of rates. The difference here is that they work at the method level rather than the option level. Your selection for the Base Table Rules option will have no affect on this section. Even if you are calculating ‘Per Item’ or ‘Per Class’, these conditions will be based on the order as a whole. If any of the given conditions are not met, then none of the tables on that page will be processed.

In the example above, the customer’s product subtotal must be less than $150.00, and none of the products in the cart can be of the Bulky Items shipping class. If either of these conditions are false, then the method stops processing and exits, returning of its options from the table below. This will further help to add exceptions in complex shipping models.

New Plugin Relationship

The last minor update, version 4.1, was the first in a series of updates to better cater to multi-vendor marketplaces. In this second step, we have begun adding compatibility for Dokan Multi-Vendor plugin users. A new condition has been added to the list allowing admins to view and limit shipping options based on which vendor the item is coming from.

This was a stepping stone allowing us to learn more about the plugin and its code. The 4.3 update promises to complete this compatibility by setting up proper payment distribution.

More Options, Less Clutter

As mentioned earlier, this plugin has made strides in being more developer friendly. This has opened up the ability for more settings fields to be added through extensions to offer even more options when necessary. Using extensions allows the Table Rate settings page to remain user friendly, keeping only the core, most necessary features. When your shipping model has a need that is not available, simply browse our every growing library of free extensions to expand your Table Rate possibilities. Continue checking back in the coming weeks to see what’s available!

And Many, Many More

In addition to these great changes, there were many updates and fixes, some that you cannot see but will appreciate. A list of additional enhancements can be found below:

  • Added: Method Conditions section to limit options at the method level
  • Added: Ability to skip weight comparison in volumetric weight calculations
  • Added: Option to combine shipping descriptions instead of overriding (Per Item & Per Class calculations)
  • Added: New Condition to select Dokan Vendors (when using the multivendor plugin)
  • Added: Buttons that Expand/Collapse all settings sections
  • Added: WPML title translation by ID or Title
  • Added: Plugin details overrided with CodeCanyon data to separate from API
  • Fixed: Product fields not saving after removing row from table
  • Fixed: Time condition not taking timezone settings into account
  • Fixed: Change Surface Area from Height x Width to Length x Width for better compatibility with other plugins
  • Fixed: Comparison error with float numbers and equal to operator
  • Fixed: Shipping class data issue in Per Item & Per Line Item setups
  • Enhanced: Changed exporter feature to be more compatible across servers and languages
  • Developer: Added filters to calculated cart data
  • Developer: Moved conditional variables and functions to a more accessible class

As always, if you find any issues or concerns with this plugin, please open a support ticket to report the problem. Someone will respond to help shortly.

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