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Table Rate Shipping and WP 4.2+

Many of you have been experiencing issues lately with the Table Rate Shipping plugin for WooCommerce, but have no fear for a solution is already available! There was an unfortunate compatibility issue found with the plugin just days before the initial release of WordPress 4.2 so a fix needed to be supplied ASAP. Version 3.6 (and all versions since) will work as it did before WordPress 4.2.

If you have noticed that shipping rates are no longer being calculated on your website, and see an empty list of shipping zones or table rates, do NOT try to add them again! Your settings have not been deleted, they are simply inaccessible. Updating to the latest version of this plugin (3.6.2 at time of posting) will resolve this issue and restore both your settings and functionality to the shipping method.

If you tried to add a new zone, you will be safe. But, if you tried to add new table rate options during this glitch, you have likely deleted the settings that were previously entered. If you have a backup available, please contact support for help in extracting the settings from the file.

There are multiple ways to avoid this in the future. The best way is by upgrading to version 3.6.x which now includes automatic dashboard updates and notifications. You may also stay informed through any Bolder Elements social media site, or by subscribing to email alerts through CodeCanyon.

This conflict does extend to other plugins offered by WooCommerce as they used some of the same code and techniques. Please update your plugins before contacting support to try and resolve the problem.

I apologize for this inconvenience but assure that these issues will be caught in a more timely manner in the future.

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