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Thank you for joining the Bolder Elements community and reviewing the guidelines before submitting your support request. My quick and friendly support is here to help, but like everything else there are rules and exceptions.

What is support?

Support comes in multiple tiers, primarily handled through this Support Site. There is a knowledgebase and FAQ section to assist with answers in a more timely manner. If you cannot find an answer to your question or dilemma, a support ticket system offers direct, one-on-one conversations to direct buyers of any Bolder Elements plugin.

The support site is geared towards current users. If you have any presale questions regarding a specific item, please ask beneath the ‘Comments’ tab of the plugin in question.

Support can include:

  • Reporting bugs and possible plugin issues
  • Setup questions to guide you in the right direction
  • Suggestions for improvements or new features (happily taken but no guarantee)

Support does not include:

  • Customization for the plugin or requests
  • Complete setup of the plugin for you
  • Generic WordPress or WooCommerce setup questions
  • Compatibility issues with other 3rd party plugins
  • Requests from users who did not directly purchase the plugin
    (i.e. the plugin came bundled inside a theme)

Abusive or violent behavior is NOT tolerated. Any tickets containing such conduct can and will be ignored, deleted, and forgotten about. We are a positive community so let’s try to keep it professional.

For more information regarding support, please review Envato Market’s item support policy.

Before you send your request…

Please ensure that you have read through any and all documentation that came with the plugin you purchased, in addition to searching the knowledgebase and FAQ sections of the website. Sometimes an issue you are facing may have already been asked by users so a solution may be readily available.

Registering an Account

An account is required to open and manage support tickets on this website, as well as manage your license information for easier in the future. The following information is required upon registration:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Name of plugin you purchased
  • Purchase code
  • Password

Only one plugin is required to register when activating your account, however additional plugins may be registered later on. Each purchase code is limited to one account so be sure to only use the purchase code assigned to your account. Sharing this code with other users is not tolerated.

Support tickets and profiles have additional fields that can provide further information, but are not required. This includes (but not limited to):

  • Customer name
  • Website login credentials
  • Image sharing

All information given is confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than the person assigned to your ticket.

Opening a Support Ticket

You can open a new support ticket from the website or within the dashboard after logging in. A few things are needed before you can submit it:

  • Subject – A brief reason for contacting today
  • Description – A rich text editor to full describe the problem or suggestion. Please include as many details as possible, including screenshots or login credentials if you feel it is necessary to help explain your ticket.
  • Plugin – Select the plugin you are seeking help with
  • Purchase Code – If the plugin you selected has not been registered yet, this field will appear asking for the purchase code give to you by Envato Martket. Your support ticket will only be posted if a valid purchase code is verified.
  • Attach Files – This optional field allows you to upload a maximum of 4 files to be shared with support. This includes the following file types:
    php, txt, doc, docx, rtf, pdf, jpg, png, gif, rtf, zip, rar, gz, sql

Unless otherwise noted, support tickets should be answered within 3 business days. Please do not continuously post replies to ‘bump’ your ticket. The system does not work this way and your ticket will be responded to as soon as possible.

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