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Product Alerts for WooCommerce 2.0.1

Released March 21st, 2016, this small update contains a few bug fixes. Most fixes were minor and keeping up with changes in WooCommerce updates. Most important issue is for anyone with restocking alerts enabled. Due to an unfortunate oversight, the signup form stopped working for guest users. This has been addressed so that logged in users as well as visitors can signup for this request.

In relation to the recent WooCommerce 2.5 template changes, a modification was needed for shops displaying the ‘Favorites’ button above the image in the shop archive. This would interfere with link to the product’s single page and thus remove it altogether.

Lastly, to better enhance the experience for users who opt out of certain features, these sections were removed from the user’s My Account page. Before if you disabled the Favorites feature, there would still be headlines and a notice telling the customer they have not added any favorite products yet. This is the same for any of the email alerts now. If you have disabled it, there will be no mention of this available feature in the My Account page.

If you have any trouble with the new version after upgrading, please open a new support ticket describing the issue, providing screenshots if applicable. Any potential issues will be reviewed regardless of support expiration as potential bugs are outside the support requirements.

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