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Product Alerts for WooCommerce 2.2

Product Alerts for WooCommerce 2.2 is now available for download at or via automatic updates if you are using the Envato Market plugin. This is actually a pretty significant change for our Favorite Products system and their related product alerts. It also addresses some concerns from recent WooCommerce updates, as well as improves functionality and reliability in determining the need for alerts to be sent.

Due to a couple issues on a couple email alerts, this plugin will require a database update before it continues to operate successfully. After updating, please visit the dashboard and follow the prompt at the top of the page to complete the update.

Favorite Variations

Arguably one of the most requested improvements received over the years is to add products to the favorites list at a variation level. This allows more accuracy with Low Stock and Sale alerts, as these numbers are not always the same as the parent variable product. The new user interface ensures that this works on both the single product page and the archive page seamlessly. By default, variation forms cannot be filled in on the archive page, so we have added a new popup window to assist with this without leaving the page. It is left generic to match more sites, but can be customized with CSS to suit your specific theme.

Switching to this type of system opened up the ability to change how inventory and sale prices are looked at. To improve compatibility across all systems, the alerts no longer rely on the product edit form to determine old and new pricing, nor restocking status. Using components built in to WooCommerce, much of the code could be condensed and triggered by special events already occurring in the system. As a result, errors in email notifications should be greatly reduced if not removed altogether. It also opens the possibility of working better with third party inventory systems.

New Email Placeholders

As inboxes get more and more cluttered, it’s difficult to gain a viewers attention in a list of new emails! To help get your message across before the customer opens their email, new information placeholders have been added. This change affects the Subject, Email Headline, and Additional Content settings boxes of the email settings page. Each of these fields can now convert the following tags to details about the product:

  • {product_title} – Displays the title of the product the alert is being sent for
  • {product_price} – Displays the current price  of the product, including active sale price if applicable
  • {product_stock} – Displays how many of the items is are left for purchase

The Complete List

Many changes were made in version 2.2 of Product Alerts for WooCommerce, and most were functionality improvements behind the scenes. If you would like to review the whole list:

  • Favorite Products now working at the variation level of variable products
  • New placeholders added for each alert’s subject, headline, and additional content
  • Restocking Alerts were not being sent for quantity based changes
  • Session type was not saved correctly affecting statistics
  • Session IDs not saving for Sale and Low Stock alerts affecting statistics
  • Fixed Single Product page using Archive button settings after click
  • Restocking triggers reconfigured for better support across all editing methods
  • Sale Alert triggers reconfigured for better support across all editing methods
  • Improved efficiency and reliability of Low Stock alerts for newer WC versions
  • Ugraded Chart.js to 2.9

As always, if you find any issues or concerns with this plugin, please open a support ticket to report the problem.

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