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Product Alerts for WooCommerce 2.0 is Here!

Formally known as Restocking Alerts, Product Alerts for WooCommerce underwent a name change because its prior name was no longer suiting for all of the new features added, and those yet to come. Hopefully it was worth the wait! I understand the frustration caused when the plugin was not up to date with WooCommerce 2.3, but after much assessment, the plugin altogether just wasn’t able to handle the changes. That’s why I started over, completely from scratch, and redesigned and reconfigured the plugin. Hopefully the newest additions, and there are many, will help make of for the lack of functionality these past couple months.

Let’s begin by reassuring you, this plugin IS compatible with WooCommerce 2.3 as well as the recent 2.4 update. Many changes were made to variable products in WooCommerce 2.4, but this plugin underwent rigorous testing to ensure that variable products would not be lost and no more downtime would continue!

Marking a Product Your Favorite

I am excited to announce that two new alerts were added in this update, but it will be difficult to explain without first talking about the new Favorites feature. With this, every customer can “like” an item in your shop with the click of a button. Not only does this bookmark the product within their account page, but it also registers them to receive special alerts regarding these liked items.

Example of the process to like an item from the shop page

An item I like is on sale?

These subscriptions include the two new product alerts: sale alerts and low stock alerts. Each time you update a product, the plugin will check for a newly added sale price, or a further reduction in sale price. If one of the scenarios is found, it will find all users who have “liked” the product, and it will notify them that this particular item has just gone on sale.

Hurry, before it’s sold out!

Low stock alerts are just as important, as it lets a customer know when something they like is nearly out of stock. If it is something they wanted but had not yet purchased, now would be the time to act before they are all gone! Each time a customer completes an order, the inventory (on managed stock products) is reduced by the number they purchased. Should that number reach your specified low inventory number, the plugin will again search the database for users have liked this item and send them an email notification so they are aware that something they like is nearly out of stock.

Preview of Sale Alert email

The original feature of this plugin, restocking alerts, will function just as it did before but with a few enhancements. Visitors to your shop will see a form listed on the page of any product or variation that is currently sold out. After registering their email, they will be signed up for notifications of when the item is restocked and available for purchase. The form will now work without needing to reload the page, and will work properly with the recent versions of WooCommerce, and for both simple and variable product types.

The beauty of this plugin is that your customers handle most of the work involved. Simply install, configure, and sit back to watch your statistics climb. You can gain valuable insight into which products your customers like most, as well as tracking their actions after an email alert is sent. You will be able to know when a customer clicks on a link in their email, as well as whether or not they purchased the item as a result of the notification. And it’s all neatly organized in the new and improved Statistics page.

A line chart as seen in the statistics page for this plugin

If you are not already a user of this plugin, I welcome you to give the demo site a try, complete with dashboard access. Does it sound interesting? View the product page at for further purchasing information. Pre-sale questions can be directed to the comments page here.

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