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New Support Site Launched!

As the number and complexity of plugins grew, I decided it was time to put in a more appropriate support system. All forms of information were spread across multiple pages and even websites. Enough was enough, time to end the madness!

I strive to provide timely and helpful support to users of each plugin, but I was finding it more and more difficult to release any updates while support was climbing to a new high. The best additions made include two new sections: Knowledge Base and FAQ. These new sections I hope will reduce my number of support requests as well as your time waiting for a response by answering questions and problems that many users have encountered already. By making the solution easier to find, hopefully we can all move along a little faster.

Content is slim to begin with but more will be added each week to further expand the database so if you cannot yet find an answer to your question, feel free to use the old reliable support forum. I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts on the new system. Is it helpful? Confusing? Brilliant? Distracting? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below!

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