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Upgrading the Plugin Files

Upgrading a premium plugin is similar to the installation process, but with one added option for an even easier transition. It is important to keep up with upgrades to ensure the plugin performs correctly. It also will introduce new features over time that you may find useful.

Important Notice: It always important to make a backup of your website and database before upgrading any plugin. Should anything not work as needed, it will be easier to revert back until the problem is addressed. For more information on making backups, visit

One Click Update With Envato

In order to upgrade with one click, you must first install the Envato Market Plugin. After you have successfully installed and configured the plugin, make a backup of your website as advised above before continuing. To install the Envato Market plugin, there are two options.

Installing the Envato Market Plugin

When you first installed this plugin, a notification would have appeared at the top of the page like this:

Clicking the Install the Envato Market plugin link will bring you to the WordPress Plugin installer page and begin your download.

If you have already dismissed this notification, no worries! You can always download the plugin manually anytime from the Envato Market website: The download will provide you with a ZIP file. No need to unzip this, as you can upload the ZIP file directly from your WordPress dashboard.

To install the plugin, navigate to Plugins > Add New and click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page. This will display a small form beneath the title allowing you to select a file for upload. Click on the Choose File button, navigate to the file you just downloaded, and select it.

Next click the Install Now button and activate the plugin when prompted at the end of installation.

Configuring the Envato Market Plugin

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will need to configure it to connect to your personal Envato Market account. This gives it permission to download the files for themes and plugins that you have purchased.

Follow the instructions under the Activate Envato API Connection to create your personalized token. By clicking the link directly in the instructions, it will redirect you to Envato’s API website and pre-select all settings boxes needed. Click the large green Create Token button at the bottom of the page. Copy the token and enter it back on the settings page in your dashboard. Click the Save Changes button to update your token.

With the token entered, you will now be able to view your purchases on this page as well. From here you can view information about your themes and plugins, as well as update them. Updates will also be available in all other WordPress update locations, so you can also update this plugin from your Plugins list page.

Upgrading Manually

Before upgrading the plugin this way, you will need to download the files from CodeCanyon following the instructions found in the Installation Guide. Each time you download the plugin you are receiving the most up to date files at that time. Just as with installation, you will be able to upload the files from the WordPress Admin Dashboard, or through FTP. The instructions are the same, but WordPress will require that you delete the existing files first. This will ensure a clean installation and seamless transition. Know that deleting the plugin files will NOT remove your settings. When the new files have been uploaded and the plugin activated again, your settings will be reloaded.

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