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Unable to Save a Table of Rates With Many Rows

This plugin does not limit the number of rows you can create, but your server has a limitation on the number of form fields that can be submitted from a single page. When this happens, you will see the message ‘Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry’. There are a couple ways you can increase this limit to avoid this problem.

Option 1
Open your htaccess file and add the following line of code:
php_value max_input_vars 5000
(Change the 5000 to whatever value works best for you. Generally 1000 will get you about 100 rows)

Option 2
Create a file named php.ini (filename may change between hosting companies. Check with your provider for the exact name) Open and add the following code:
max_input_vars = 5000

If adding this file to your root directory does not help, try uploading it to your ‘/wp-admin/’ folder. Not all servers work the same, so it may be best to contact your hosting provider and ask for their help in increasing these limits. If you have successfully increased the ‘max_input_vars’ but you continue to see this message after submitting the form, check to see if your PHP version has suhosin enabled. This module comes with its own settings that can also restrict form processing. If this is enabled, you will need to increase the following settings in addition to the ‘max_input_vars’. This can be done just as above, but changing the option name to match these:

  • suhosin.get.max_vars
  • suhosin.request.max_vars
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