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Subtotal Based Free Shipping Except for Certain Items

Offering your customers free shipping when they spend a certain amount is a great up-sell, but sometimes you have items that cost too much to ship free. It this case, you want to ensure that the customer still pays a shipping cost if they order any of these items. The tutorials below will help with setting up a couple different scenarios.

Flat Rate Shipping

In this example, the shop admin has a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping. The customer can earn free shipping when they purchase $75 of merchandise, but only if they have not purchased one of the heavier items. The first step is to tell the plugin which products are heavy. To do this, setup a shipping class and assign that class to all of the heavy items that require a shipping charge.

In your table of rates, you can rely on the priority of the table rows to setup your rates. Be sure to leave the Base Table Rules field set to Per Order so that one row is used to cover the entire order’s shipping. When calculating shipping, the plugin will start at the top of the table and work its way down. The last qualifying row will be the shipping cost it returns. So the first two rows will manage the shipping costs for regular items. The last row will handle shipping for the heavy items since that rule can override the others.

With the configuration above, all orders will qualify for the flat rate of $7.99. However, if the customer spends more than $75, the flat rate will be replaced by the free shipping row. The last row will check for items assigned to the Heavy Items shipping class. The flat of $7.99 will replace any previously qualified rows if there heavy items in the cart.

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