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Shipping Option Descriptions

Descriptions were added in the 4.0 update of Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce. Every row has the ability to set a different description, which can either override a previous description or add to it. This text will then appear in addition to the shipping title and price in the cart and checkout pages, as well as the order summary once completed.

Allowed HTML Tags

Basic HTML tags are allowed to further enhance the usefulness of your shipping description. Most of these tags are for formatting, but also include hyperlinks and images.

  • a (hyperlink)
    Parameters: href, title, abbr, title
  • acronym
    Parameters: title
  • b
    Parameters: None
  • blockquote
    Parameters: cite
  • br
    Parameters: None
  • cite
    Parameters: None
  • code
    Parameters: None
  • del
    Parameters: datetime
  • em
    Parameters: None
  • i
    Parameters: None
  • img
    Parameters: src, class, alt
  • p
    Parameters: align, dir, lang, xml:lang
  • q
    Parameters: cite
  • s
    Parameters: None
  • span
    Parameters: class, style
  • strike
    Parameters: None
  • strong
    Parameters: None

These are the default included HTML tags. These tags can be amended using a code snippet as in this tutorial here: Changing the Allowed HTML Tags in Descriptions

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