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Settings Tab: On Sale Alerts

There are no customer forms associated with sale alerts. Users are notified of sales based on the products that they have favorited.

Enable / Disable – This controls whether or not customers can receive alerts when an item they have favorited is on sale. When the checkbox is marked, the feature is enabled. Unmarking the checkbox will disable functionality but keep your settings saved. When this feature is enabled, you still have the ability to disable restocking alerts for an individual item under the Product Alerts tab of the product page.

Email Subject – As with other WooCommerce emails, you can customize the templates and wording of the email sent to registered customers. This field changes the subject line of the email.

Email Heading – This is the text that is viewed at the top of the email template, generally in big, bold letters.

Email Type – Select which type of email you wish to send by default: HTML, Text Only (no styling), or Multipart. By selecting Multipart, both the text and HTML versions will be sent, and which template shown will depend on the customer’s mail client. If the client does not support HTML, then the text-only version will be displayed.

Last on this page are the template files. Depending on what you have chosen as the Email Type, you will see one or two email templates, HTML or Text. From here you can preview the default template used for this email alert. You can also copy the file to your theme’s directory with the click of a button. This will allow you to make any changes you would like and have them applied to the outgoing message.

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