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Settings Tab: Restocking Alerts & Registered Emails

Restocking Alerts

Enable / Disable – This controls whether or not customers can sign up for alerts to be sent when an item is back in stock. When the checkbox is marked, the feature is enabled. Unmarking the checkbox will disable functionality but keep your settings saved. When this feature is enabled, you still have the ability to disable restocking alerts for an individual item under the Product Alerts tab of the product page.

Email Subject – As with other WooCommerce emails, you can customize the templates and wording of the email sent to registered customers. This field changes the subject line of the email.

Email Heading – This is the text that is viewed at the top of the email template, generally in big, bold letters.

Email Type – Select which type of email you wish to send by default: HTML, Text Only (no styling), or Multipart. By selecting Multipart, both the text and HTML versions will be sent, and which template shown will depend on the customer’s mail client. If the client does not support HTML, then the text-only version will be displayed.

Form Settings

Auto-Delete – Enabling this feature will only save the customer’s email addresses until they are successfully notified that their product is back in stock. The address will be removed from the database after the email is sent. Note: this will NOT affect your statistics as their session information will remain. This simply deletes their email address only to keep your list shorter.

Enable CAPTCHA – In an effort to reduce spam, enabling this option will add a second field to the form asking the customer to enter the characters seen in an image. This will verify that they are human and not a malicious bot.

CAPTCHA Text – If you have enabled the CAPTCHA field, this setting will allow you to set the text that appears in the label of this field, typically used for instructing the customers what to do.
Default: Please enter the code in the box below.

Location – For non-variable products you have the option to place the form in different locations of the product page. Variable products will only display the form with its associated variation as not all variations of a product may be sold out.

Form and Message Text

The next sub-section of settings helps to modify the text that appears within the form. You will be able to see an illustration below with each numbered setting.

restocking alerts form

1. Headline Text – This options determines how the shipping price is calculated. There are two options: Per Order and Per Item. Per order will calculate a single price based on the total information of the cart. Per Item will calculate the shipping price for each item and sum them up at the end.

2. Notice Text – This options determines how the shipping price is calculated. There are two options: Per Order and Per Item. Per order will calculate a single price based on the total information of the cart. Per Item will calculate the shipping price for each item and sum them up at the end.

3. Submit Button – If you choose to have a free shipping option, you may choose to give it a unique name with this setting. If free shipping is enabled and a label is not specified, the Method Title from above will be used in its place.

4. Successful Registration – If selected (and if free shipping is enabled), when a customer qualifies for free shipping, free will be their only option. Otherwise, Free Shipping will be left an option atop of the customer’s qualifying rates from the table you define below.

5. Already Registered Error – When this checkbox is marked, shipping costs will be calculate on the price of the items in the cart AFTER tax has been added. Leave unmarked to not include tax in your shipping cost.

Last on this page are the template files. Depending on what you have chosen as the Email Type, you will see one or two email templates, HTML or Text. From here you can preview the default template used for this email alert. You can also copy the file to your theme’s directory with the click of a button. This will allow you to make any changes you would like and have them applied to the outgoing message.

Registered Emails

The information for all users who are currently subscribed to restocking alerts will be displayed here. By default, the list is ordered by the most recent subscription to the oldest, but it can also be sorted by email address and product ID.registered emails list

Notified – Each subscription will have one of three colored circles in this column.

  • Blue This user is subscribed, but no attempts have been made to alert this user as the item is still out of stock.
  • Green  This customer has been notified that this particular item is back in stock. Note: A green circle indicates the email was successfully sent by WordPress. It does not guarantee that it arrived to that user’s inbox.
  • Red An attempt to contact this person has failed. Note: This color is rare and may indicate a potentional problem with the plugin. If it continues, contact support.

Email Address – The ‘send to’ email address as provided by the customer

Product – The ID number and title of the product they are interested in, including a direct link to that product’s page. If the product is a variable product, the variation details will also be shown after the title.
Added – The date in which the customer signed up for this notification
Deleting Subscriptions

It is recommended that you periodically check and delete email addresses that have already been notified. This will ensure a quicker processing time when trying to alert other users.

Similar to other WordPress lists, you may select specific subscriptions by checking the box in that row, and then selecting ‘Delete’ from the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown menu. This will remove only the rows you have selected. If you prefer to delete all of the subscriptions, there is a ‘Delete All’ button in the lower right corner. This will completely empty your list of notification requests regardless to whether or not they have been notified already.

Note: NONE of these deleting actions can be undone. Once they have been removed, they are removed forever.

Other Bulk Actions

In addition to deleting registered addresses from this list, you also have other actions that can be selected under the Bulk Actions dropdown box.

  • Mark Sent – Convert the existing status for the selected users as sent (green). This will prevent them from receiving any further notifications when the item’s inventory is changed.
  • Mark Unsent – This will mark the user as having not yet been notified that their item is back in stock (blue). They are now able to receive another notification when the item is marked in stock again. Note: This does NOT override the 7 day rule. Customers will not be notified if they have already received an alert for the same product within 7 days.
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