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The Settings Page

The settings for Compare Products can be found within your WooCommerce dashboard section.
Dashboard: WooCommerce > Save for Later > Settings

There are two tabs that control all aspects of this plugin: Settings and Statistics. The settings tab will toggle many of the optional features to better suit your store and WordPress theme. Below is a complete list of the fields and what each one is responsible for.

General Options

Enable Save for Later – Choose whether or not this feature is available to your customers.

Items per Page – Enter the number of products that will load in the list on intial load, as well as each time they click the button to load more.

Display Text

Cart Section Title – This text appears as a headline above the saved products on the Cart page.

Quantity Display – Also in the title is the total number of items saved, as specified by this text.

Quantity Display (plural) – Same as the previous field, this text labels how many items are saved when there is more than one.

Link Text – This label here is used for the link beneath the title of the items in the cart. When clicked on, the products will be removed from the cart and added to the list of saved products.


When all settings fields are complete, click the blue ‘Save Changes’ button to submit modified settings.

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