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Sending Bulk Emails with WooCommerce

It’s fair to say that most shops will have more than 10 customers subscribed and “liking” a single product. This means that when that item triggers any of the email alerts, a fair number will be sent out in less than 5 seconds. For many servers, especially shared hosting accounts, this sends an alert to the email server that your emails may possibly be spam. When this happens, your connection is disabled, and many of your emails will not be sent.

To avoid this, it is highly recommended that you use a dedicated SMTP provider for handling your outgoing mail. There are some great providers with WordPress plugins available that make the switch easy. After installation, they will override the wp_mail function used by this and other plugins on your website so that all outgoing email is directed through them. This will prevent your regular mail service from marking you as a spam sender.

If you are not sure where to start, try taking a look at these recommended services:

  • Mandril – The same folks responsible for mailchimp, there are multiple monthly packages available starting at 25,000 emails for $9.95/month (plugin)
  • SendGrid – This service offers 12,000 emails free each month with package deals for users needing more (plugin)
  • MailGun – Affordable solution for small businesses, this service provides 10,000 emails monthly with competitvely priced per email costs on any overage (plugin)
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