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Privacy Policy Suggestions

A strong privacy policy is always a recommended asset to an e-commerce website. In some cases, such as members of the European Union now under GDPR law, a privacy policy is a requirement. Customers offer their personal information in exchange for items or services on your website. It is a good idea to clearly detail what this information is used for, and what control the customer has over that information. The guidelines below are meant to highlight the key features of this plugin in order to help with your policy’s content.

Please note that the information below is written as a suggestion and does not constitute legal advice. Consulting with a lawyer is recommended when deciding what information to disclose on your privacy policy.

What we collect and why

When subscribing to notifications about out of stock items, an email address will be required. If logged in to your account, your user ID will also be saved to link to your account information. An email will be sent to the address provided the next time the product is in stock.

Consent may be given to send additional emails regarding sale alerts and low inventory updates. When subscribed, an email could be sent for any item you have previously added to your list of favorite products. The email address will be obtained from your shop account profile.

How long we retain your data

Email addresses used to register for in stock notifications on specific products are deleted once an email has been sent [if Auto Delete feature is enabled in settings].
Email addresses used to register for in stock notifications on specific products are kept indefinitely unless you choose to remove yourself from the list. However an admin may also choose to delete them every XX days [if Auto Delete feature is not enabled in settings].

Some information about the email alerts are kept indefinitely for statistical purposes but contain no personal information associated with it.

What rights you have over your data

You may view, subscribe, or unsubscribe from any of our email alerts at any time from your account page by visiting the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.

It may be a good idea to provide direct links to pages specified in this section so your customers can find them easier.

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