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Overriding Shipping Conditions with Special Exception Rule

The Table Rate Shipping plugin for WooCommerce is a very flexible shipping method that allows admins to setup a variety of custom conditions. The rows in the table are priority based, meaning rows at the bottom of the table can override rows above it. This is helpful when you have a set of conditions and prices that can be ignored in special circumstances.

Free Shipping with Special Item Purchase

In this example, the shop owner bases their shipping costs on the weight of the items in the cart. However, they offer a special where the customer’s entire order ships free when they purchase a specific product. In this case, the free shipping offer has the highest priority so it should be at the end of the table.

In the image above, the admin has setup three weight based ranges to determine the cost based on the total kg weight in the cart. However, those rules will only apply to regular items until the customer selects product #13, the Special Gift Package. With that item in the cart, the weight of the items will no longer matter. The order will ship for free as set in the last row.

Free Shipping with Minimum Subtotal

Shop owners can make exceptions with other conditions, too! The last row is easily exchanged with other conditions such as ‘Subtotal’ in this example. This shop owner also chooses to charge based on weight. However, when the customer spends $100 or more, their order ships free.

overriding shipping by price

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