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Installing and Uninstalling the Plugin

Installing a plugin purchased from CodeCanyon requires an extra step but it doesn’t need to be hard. There are multiple ways you can install the plugin. How you choose to install it is all about preference and which is best for you.


Finding the Plugin on CodeCanyon

Before you can install the plugin you will need to download it from after your purchase has been finalized.  Any files you have purchased from the Envato Marketplace can be found in the Downloads section of your Envato profile. Once you have located the plugin, there will be a green Download button. Clicking on this button will reveal multiple choices of files to download.

download plugin for installing

  • All files & documentation – This ZIP file contains the documentation folder as well as another ZIP archive with the plugin files. If you choose this option, you will need to unpackage the file before proceeding to installation.
  • WordPress install only – This ZIP file contains only the plugin files and is ready for installation
  • License certificate and purchase code (PDF/text) – Should you need to request support or provide proof of purchase, these two files will contain everything you need about the license you have purchased

Dashboard Installation

When you are ready to begin installing, the WordPress Admin Dashboard is generally the easiest option. It will handle uploading the file, unpackaging the ZIP archive, and transferring the files to their proper destination. All of this without you leaving your web browser. To install the plugin:

  1. Sign in to an admin account on your dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New and click the Upload Plugin link at the top of the page
  3. Click on Choose File and select the location of the ZIP archive you downloaded from CodeCanyon
  4. Click the Install Now button
  5. When complete, click the Activate Plugin link to begin using your new plugin

Installing via FTP

If you choose to install the plugin manually, you will need an FTP program to connect to your website. There are a few extra steps with this routine, but the results will be the same. To install the plugin:

  1. Unpackage the installable ZIP archive you downloaded from CodeCanyon
  2. Open your FTP program and connect to your web server
  3. Navigate to the directory /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Upload the plugin’s folder and all files inside to this directory
  5. Sign in to an admin account on your dashboard
  6. Go to your Plugins page and locate the newly installed plugin
  7. Click the Activate link to begin using your new plugin

Uninstalling the Plugin

The most important thing to understand about uninstalling the plugin is that you are NOT removing the plugin’s data. You are simply removing the files that makes the plugin work. All of your settings will be safely stored in the database. Should you need to upgrade or install the plugin again, your settings will be reloaded.

To delete the plugin from your website, go to the Plugins page of your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Click the Deactivate link to make the plugin inactive. After the page reloads, you will have the option to Delete the plugin. After clicking this link, there will be a confirmation page. Click the Yes, delete these files button to confirm that you want to remove the plugin from your server.

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