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Customer Account Management

Account Management

For further control of the alerts a customer will receive, new sections have been added to the My Account page under the headline Manage Email Subscriptions. Each section will help manage a portion of the email alerts added by this plugin.


You are subscribed to the following

This section gives users the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe from sales alerts and low stock alerts. By default, all users are subscribed to receive these emails, but here the customer has the option to opt out from such notifications. When clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link, the user will disable their account from the given alert through AJAX so that the page does not need to reload. Similar to adding a new item to your Favorites list, a loading icon will appear while the system is processing their request.

You are subscribed to restocking alerts for the following products:

Here users will see a list of products they have requested restocking alerts for. The table includes a link to the specific product or variation, as well as the date they registered for the alert. Should the customer no longer wish to receive notifications for this product, they can click the ‘Remove’ link at the end of the product’s row. After a brief processing time, similar to the subscription tools in the previous table, the item will be removed from the list. Please note all items they have already been notified about will NOT appear here. Users will not be notified more than once for the same item unless they register again.

Products you have favorited

Here is a complete list of items the user has favorited while viewing your shop. This makes it easier for them to revisit the pages of items they liked most, as well as remove them when they wish to stop receiving notifications for that single item.

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