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Changing the Option Title at a Certain Point

There are certain cases where your shipping option’s title may lead to confusion. Each shipping option is given one title and no more. However, you can setup multiple options inside the method and toggle which one is visible. This makes it appear as though you are changing the option title.

In this example, the admin wants to change the shipping option from ‘First Class Mail’ to ‘Free Shipping!’ to better showcase the deal the customer is getting. In order to have two titles, there will need to be two options. Option #1 contains the regular shipping rules, whereas option #2 will be used for the free shipping option starting at $75.00.

changing the option title

The important thing to note is the box to the right of the table of rates. For option #2 we have enabled the ‘Hide Other Options’ feature. With this enabled, option #1 will not return a shipping cost if the customer’s order has qualified for option #2. This gives the illusion of a title change because this method will never return more than one option even though we have two tables setup.

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