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Cannot Install Plugin in Dashboard Uploader

Before you can begin configuring this plugin, you need to upload the plugin files to your server. This can be done manually by uploading the plugin’s files to your server via FTP. The ZIP file can also be uploaded through the plugin installer of your WordPress Dashboard. (For more information, see Installing and Uninstalling the Plugin).

If you choose to upload the ZIP file through your WordPress Dashboard, you must be certain that you have the correct ZIP file. CodeCanyon has multiple download choices, but most of their links default to the first option: All files and documentation.

The ZIP file with this option contains licensing information, documentation for the plugin, and another ZIP file with the plugin files. This file cannot be used to install the plugin as the plugin’s files are not directly within the folder. You must unpackage the ZIP file and upload the ZIP you find inside. Otherwise you will receive the error message “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

Another option, if you do not need the documentation, would be to visit your CodeCanyon Downloads page, click the Download button, and select the Installable WordPress file only option. This will provide a ZIP with only the plugin files that can be uploaded directly to your dashboard.

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