Pre-Purchase Questions

Is this plugin compatible with WC Auto-Ship?

Because this plugin can return multiple options from a single method, I’m afraid it is not immediately compatible. WC Auto-Ship requires that the shipping option ID match the shipping method ID, and with this plugin it does not. A possible solution is to use the WC Auto-Ship Advanced Shipping plugin in combination with this method. It’s creator Click Studios has developed and tested the plugin with this Table Rate method successfully.

Why choose this plugin over WooThemes?

This version of Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce is offered at a fraction of the price and still includes courteous support. In addition, it is still being actively developed so you may find new features more helpful in the future.

Is this the same plugin as WooThemes?

No, this plugin was created as an alternative to the one provided by WooThemes. It can handle much of the same functionality as well as a few extras, but the logic and setups are different.

General Questions

What do I do if another plugin is conflicting with this one?

Unfortunately the more plugins you install, the greater your chances are for a conflict. While every attempt is made to avoid possible conflicts, they do happen occasionally. It is not possible to test for compatibility with the thousands of plugins available across the web, so there is no guarantee unless the plugin is specifically stated as being compatible in the documentation, knowledgebase, or CodeCanyon website.

For immediate assistance it is best to contact your website’s developer for help resolving the conflict. In some cases you can receive help through a support ticket on this site, but please note that it is at the discretion of the developer and will be provided when time permits. Support tickets for issues related to this plugin alone will have a higher priority.

Where can I find the documentation?

From the CodeCanyon downloads page there are two options for downloadable zips. Only the option labeled ‘All files & documentation’ will include help files. The second option includes just the WordPress plugin files, made for a simpler install from the dashboard, no unpackaging needed.

Are there automatic updates with this plugin?

Yes! However automatic updates are no longer provided directly by this plugin. After installing a recent version of this plugin, you will see a notification at the top of your dashboard requesting that you install the Envato Market plugin. This will help to notify you of updates for this and any plugins you have purchased through CodeCanyon. It will also provide one click updates for future new releases. If you would like to download and install this plugin now, you can find it at:

Can I setup a free shipping coupon with this method?

No, this shipping method does not support coupons at this time. It is preferred to use the ‘Free Shipping’ method that comes with WooCommerce. In that method you can enable the option to require a coupon before free shipping is available.

Troubleshooting Questions

Why are customers not qualifying for the right zone?

WooCommerce only allows one zone per customer. When finding the correct zone, it starts at the top of the list and moves down comparing the customer’s shipping address to each region you created. Once it finds a match, it moves on to calculating the shipping and ignores the rest of the zones.

Be sure there are no empty zones towards the top of the list, and if you have any postal code zones, make sure they come before the “catch-all zone”. This means if you have a zone with United States postal codes, and then a ‘United States’ zone for all other US customers, the zone with the postal codes MUST come first in the list.

My shipping option is not displaying correctly on the cart/checkout page!

For issues with display it is probably best to seek help from your theme’s developer. This plugin is a shipping method, so it simply calculates a price and assigns it a title. It is WooCommerce that then handles the display and processing of the shipping option. If something is not displaying correctly, it is more likely to be a compatibility issue with your theme.

No shipping when cart contains items from different shipping classes.

This is a common issue for users who have chosen the Per Item or Per Class option for the Base Table Rates field. Under these conditions the customer’s cart is split into groups and has a separate price calculated for each group. Afterward, it checks to make sure all items in the cart have a shipping cost from the same option. This means that all prices for the classes must be specified in the same option/table. Giving each class its own table will result in options that are only valid when one class is being ordered.

Warning: Division by zero

This error signals that you have enabled ‘Volumetric Shipping’ but not filled in the required field: Volumetric Divisor. This field MUST be given an integer value or else volumetric shipping will not be used. If you are unsure what value to enter, please visit your shipping provider’s website for further information.

Is there a limit to how many rows my table can have?

This plugin does not limit the number of rows you can create, but your server has a limitation on the number of form fields that can be submitted from a single page. When this happens, you will see the message ‘Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry’. There are a couple ways you can increase this limit to avoid this problem.

Option 1
Open your htaccess file and add the following line of code:
php_value max_input_vars 5000
(Change the 5000 to whatever value works best for you. Generally 1000 will get you about 100 rows)

Option 2
Create a file named php.ini (filename may change between hosting companies. Check with your provider for the exact name) Open and add the following code:
max_input_vars = 5000

If adding this file to your root directory does not help, try uploading it to your ‘/wp-admin/’ folder. Not all servers work the same, so it may be best to contact your hosting provider and ask for their help in increasing these limits. If you have successfully increased the ‘max_input_vars’ but you continue to see this message after submitting the form, check to see if your PHP version has suhosin enabled. This module comes with its own settings that can also restrict form processing. If this is enabled, you will need to increase the following settings in addition to the ‘max_input_vars’. This can be done just as above, but changing the option name to match these:

  • suhosin.get.max_vars
  • suhosin.request.max_vars

My rates are not saving!

A title and a zone are required for each rate. If you do not want a title to appear next to the shipping cost, use the ascii space value   as a title, but be sure to place text in the identifier field or else your rates will not show up.

The zone field can only be left blank if you have not setup your first zone. To do so, visit the ‘Shipping Zones’ tab of your WooCommerce settings and click ‘Add New’.