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Due to personal health issues there is currently a delay in support response time.
I greatly apologize for this inconvenience and will respond to each ticket as soon as I can.

The End of Table Rates for Jigoshop

After much debate over the last few months, it has been decided the the Table Rate Shipping plugin for Jigoshop be retired. It has been years since the plugin was last updated, and not because of time or money restrictions. Rather it was the lack of ability to move forward with progress. Jigoshop 1 simply did not have the capability of handling everything this method could offer. There were high hopes for Jigoshop 2, and while it has progressed a great deal, it unfortunately still did not have what was needed to make this plugin as great as its WooCommerce counterpart. Furthermore the code was very different and the amount of time and resources to make the plugin work on the new system as it is now just wasn’t feasible.

So with that said, we wish Jigoshop the best of luck moving forward, but I’m afraid we are parting ways now. Support will no longer be provided for this plugin and has been marked as such on CodeCanyon. This includes all users, old and new, as the last support package on file expired in September. If you are still running Jigoshop 1.x and would like to download the file to keep as a backup, the listing will remain on CodeCanyon until the end of the year. On January 1st, 2018 it will be permanently removed from the marketplace.

The primary focus at Bolder Elements has shifted to WooCommerce extensions. If you are ever curious about the many splendid things WooCommerce has to offer, checkout the demo site showcasing all of the Bolder Elements plugins!

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