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Compare Products with WooCommerce 1.3.1

This bug patch release, available January 15th, 2016, adds important compatibility with WordPress 4.4. An updated version of jQuery included with the latest WordPress removed a function used throughout the plugin preventing the popup windows to work in the dashboard. If you are running WordPress 4.4, it is important that you update this plugin in order to continue using it successfully. Other important fixes include:

  • Fixed: Replaced jQuery “live” function as it was removed in version 1.9
  • Fixed: Corrected how WPML handles translations in this plugin so each translated product does not need a separate table
  • Fixed: Changed how features and attributes are obtained for select box to work better with right to left Hebrew sites
  • Fixed: Cleaned up various minor PHP notices and messages
  • Enhanced: Adjusted how translated text is sent to javascript to better handle sites in a non-latin based language
  • Enhanced: Removed sticky column in compare tables to better display on small screens
  • Enhanced: Settings popup to add new features does not auto close after feature is added

Two small features/corrections were also added to this plugin. Most importantly the compare categories now properly work when customers are adding items to their compare basket. After the first item has been added, only items from the same category as the first will be accepted. If a users tries to add an item from another category, a small notification is displayed to let the customer know the problem. The default styling is simple, but you can alter its appearance through CSS like the example below:

.compare-product-link .be-compare-error {
    border: 1px solid #B20000;
    color: #B20000;
    padding: 3px;

Two new shortcodes for displaying the basket and individual compare features were also added. Further information on this can be found in ‘Shortcodes’ tab of your Compare Products settings page after the upgrade is complete.

If you have any trouble with the new version after upgrading, please open a new support ticket describing the issue, providing screenshots if applicable. Tickets should be responded to within 3 business days.

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