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Changes in Support

Let’s face it, it wasn’t very good to begin with. bbPress alone is not very fancy, contact forms have their own issues, and then there is the conflicting information you might receive from a post dated a year ago. In an effort to make support easier for you and me, and in preparation for the upcoming support changes at Envato Market, I have decided to part ways with the forum and introduce a new ticketing system. You’ll get the same great support as ever, but with a more formal system in place.

It took a good deal of effort today to get everything set up, but I hope it will help make things easier in the future. The site was ported from a network to a single installation to make user registration possible. The new support ticket system will require users to register for an account before submitting a new ticket. I know we all have a hundred accounts on the web already, but the good news is that this allows to register your purchase code just once and the information will be saved should you need to open a second or third ticket down the road.

One requirement to making an account is registering a single product. If you have multiple plugins from Bolder Elements you will be able to register the others as you open tickets, but registration requires one plugin to ensure your buyer/human status. If you have a pre-sale question, I ask that you direct these to the comments tab of the product you are interested in. You can view the full list of Bolder Elements plugins on CodeCanyon.

Enjoy the convenience of being able to attach up to 4 files (include ZIP files) right to your support ticket. Now you won’t have to wait for an email response to attach the files, or upload them to a third party website.

Perhaps the biggest and best improvement is the email communication that accompanies the ticket system. You will receive an email when a response is posted, the status of your ticket changes, or if I am running behind in getting out a timely response to you. Rest assured your account information will not be used to send marketing emails or any type of third-party spam, promise!

If you have any questions, concerns, or trouble with the new system, let them be known in the comments below!

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