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Changes Coming for Expired Support Packages

We greatly value our customers and enjoy helping them succeed with our products! Solving problems and finding new ways to configure some of these plugins has been an enjoyable experience. However it has also been a time consuming challenge. Among other things, this has caused a great decline in our attention to further developing these plugins and releasing updates.

Beginning December 1st, 2021, new tickets on this support system will only be available to customers with active support packages for the plugin they are seeking help with. All licenses currently come with a lifetime of updates, but only 6 months of direct one-on-one support. When your support package is expired, you will be kindly asked to renew it before receiving help with configuration as per the support guidelines. These rules will also be enforced in the CodeCanyon comments section for each Bolder Elements plugin. Support via other channels such as social networks and email is not currently offered and will continue to be disregarded.

Please note that this will only pertain to support requests. All users may submit potential bug reports for evaluation regardless of their support status. A new system is in the works for bug reporting on this support site. In the meantime, the CodeCanyon comments section can be used to report possible bugs if your support is expired.

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