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Due to personal health issues there is currently a delay in support response time.
I greatly apologize for this inconvenience and will respond to each ticket as soon as I can.

Cart Based Shipping for WooCommerce 3.1

Released on June 17th, 2016, this update features some much excited improvements as well as a few bug fixes. With WooCommerce 2.6 also being released this week, shipping in general received an upgrade. Cart Based Shipping 3.1 takes advantage of these improvements by adding support for the new WooCommerce Shipping zones.

Support added for Shipping Zones

With shipping zones you can now create multiple Cart Based methods. This way you can offer multiple shipping selections for the same zone, or change the pricing model based on where the customer is shipping to. Each zone can hold as many instances as you would like, and you can also create as many different zones as you need.


After upgrading, the original Cart Based method will still exist and function without the use of shipping zones. However, it will eventually be removed in favor the shipping zones. To help with migration, the Import/Export feature has been modified to work with both the old and new methods. This will help to move your settings to the new shipping zones, as well as duplicate them to create more options.

New Options and Bug Fixes

In version 3.0 the option to exclude coupons from the subtotal was removed to be compatible with the latest WooCommerce update. To expand upon this as requested, the option ‘Include Coupons’ as added. By default, the subtotal of the customer’s cart is before coupons are added. If you wish to base your rates on the subtotal after coupons, you will want to enable this feature.

Another key feature to note is the removal of the Bolder Elements plugin updater. Fear not, it has been replaced. After experiencing many issues with the updater included, it was replaced by the new plugin updater maintained by Envato Market. After upgrading this plugin, you will receive a dashboard notification offering a simple one click installation. You can choose to opt out by closing this notification, but please note that automatic updates will no longer be available for this plugin if you do.

Smaller bug fixes round out this update. The ‘Minimum to Ship’ feature did not work in version 3.0 and has now been fixed. Also, the ‘currency’ option in the table of shipping costs was not saving properly on new rows. This, too, has been fixed.

If you have any trouble with the new version after upgrading, please open a new support ticket describing the issue. Screenshots are also requested to help understand your settings. Any potential issues will be reviewed regardless of support expiration as potential bugs are outside the support requirements.

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